Newsletter Contest

11th Annual
Southwest Computer User Group Conference
San Diego, California
August 6 – 8, 2004

Fun in the Sun & Computers, too!


Sponsored by Adobe Systems

If your User Group is attending the conference, it is eligible to enter the Newsletter and/or Home Page contests. To participate in the Newsletter Contest, please send 3 copies each of 3 issues of your publication, published since June 2003, by July 6, 2004 to: Conference Co-chair, 18727 Nadal Street, Canyon Country, CA 91351. Please include your user group name, editor’s name & E-mail address.


User Group Information

  • User Group officers’ names, phone numbers and/or e-mail addresses
  • User Group mailing address, referral phone number & group e-mail address & web page address
  • User Group meeting location, time & directions
  • Newsletter article submission guidelines & editor contact
  • Member help resources
  • Membership application/renewal form & list of benefits

Original Editorial Content

  • Software/hardware reviews by members
  • Coverage of group events
  • Commentary

Content from Other Sources

  • Articles from other user group newsletters (giving author & group credit, issue & date)
  • Information from vendor publications
  • Current bug fix & update information
  • Referral or other news information sources

Layout & Presentation

  • Is newsletter well-designed?
  • Is there good use of white space?
  • Is there consistent use of typeface? (Headings, subheadings, captions, articles)
  • Good use of graphics & photographs
  • Easy to read; look & layout consistent from issue-to-issue