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Computer User Groups in Southern California
by meeting day

1st Sunday
Orange, North Orange County Computer Club,, [email protected]

1st Monday
La Verne, Community Computer Club,, [email protected]

1st Tuesday
Granada Hills, TUG-NET,, [email protected]
Los Angeles, Los Angeles Java User Group,, [email protected]

1st Wednesday
Pasadena, Pasadena IBM User Group,, [email protected]
Northridge, Mac Valley Users Group,, [email protected]

1st Thursday
Santa Barbara, Goleta Desktop Publishing User Group,
Camarillo, Conejo Valley Macintosh Group,, [email protected]

1st Friday

1st Saturday
Camarillo, Channel Islands Computer User Group,, [email protected]
LaHabra, MicroLink,, [email protected]
Pasadena, San Gabriel Valley Macintosh Users’ Group,, [email protected]
Temecula, Temecula Valley Computer User Group,, [email protected]
Costa Mesa, Orange Apple Computer Club,, [email protected]
Fullerton, Orange County Linux Users Group,, [email protected]

2nd Sunday
Orange, North Orange County Computer Club,,

2nd Monday
Culver City, Westside PC User Group, 310.838.5812

2nd Tuesday
Granada Hills, TUG-NET,, [email protected]
Burbank, Valley Computer Club,,
Orange County IBM Users Group,
San Diego, Digital Design & Electronic Publishing,, [email protected]
Los Angeles (Westchester) Los Angeles Computer Society, [email protected]

2nd Wednesday
Santa Clarita, Santa Clarita Valley PC Group, [email protected]
Glendora, Glendora Seniors Computer Club,, [email protected] (afternoon meeting)
Orange, Association of Internet Professionals OC,, [email protected]

2nd Thursday
Simi Valley, Simi Valley PC Users Group,, [email protected]
Bakersfield, Kern Independent PC Users Group, [email protected]
Fallbrook, Fallbrook PC Users Group,, [email protected]
Goleta, Goleta Desktop Publishers Users Group,, [email protected]

2nd Friday
Arcadia, San Gabriel Valley Technology User Group, [email protected]

2nd Saturday
Costa Mesa, WINNERS,, [email protected]
La Mirada, Whittier Area Macintosh Users Group,
Irvine, So CA Macintosh Owners Users Group,,
Burbank, Lightwave/Toaster/Flyer,, [email protected]

3rd Sunday

3rd Monday

3rd Tuesday
Granada H ills, TUG-NET,, [email protected]
Camarillo, Ventura County Publishing User Group, [email protected]
San Diego, IBM & Compatible User Group,, [email protected]
Orange, Orange County Multimedia Association, (714.284.0800)
Temecula, Temecula Valley Computer User Group,, [email protected]

3rd Wednesday
Long Beach, Long Beach IBM Users Group,,
Lancaster, Antelope Valley Micro User Group,, [email protected]
Buena Park, California Southland AITP,, [email protected]

3rd Thursday
Thousand Oaks, Thousand Oaks Personal Computer Club,, [email protected] (November & December only)
El Segundo, LA Network Professional Association,, [email protected]
Placentia, Orange County Corel Association,, [email protected]

3rd Friday

3rd Saturday
San Diego, San Diego Computer Society,,
San Diego, Computer Genealogy Society of San Diego,, [email protected]
Mission Viejo, Saddleback Valley PC Users Group
Costa Mesa, Southern California OS/2 User Group,, [email protected]

3rd Sunday
Los Angeles, Inner City Computer Society, (310.885.5384)

4th Monday

4th Tuesday
Santa Clarita, Santa Clarita Valley Macintosh Users Group,, [email protected]

4th Wednesday
Simi Valley, Simi Valley PC Users Group,, [email protected]
Glendora, Glendora Seniors Computer Club,, [email protected]
Burbank, LA AutoCad User Group,, [email protected]
Torrance/El Segundo, Greater South Bay Users Group,, [email protected]

4th Thursday
Fallbrook, Fallbrook PC Users Group,,
Thousand Oaks, Thousand Oaks Personal Computer Club,, [email protected] (January through October)
Claremont, CHOMP-CHampions Of the Mac Proletariat,, [email protected]

Last Tuesday of the Month
Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara PC Users Group,, [email protected]

Last Wednesday of the Month
South Bay Apple Mac User Group,, [email protected]
Irvine, Webmasters’ Guide – Orange County,, [email protected]

Every Other Friday
Pasadena, Caltech Macintosh User Group,, [email protected]